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EP. 42: Cannabis Supply Chain Risks Worth Tripping Over

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Everyone knows about supply chain management nowadays thanks to the pandemic, with shelves bare of TP and paper towels, and cargo ships backed up at ports. Cannabis, of course, isn’t legal nationwide, but the cannabis supply chain, and accompanying risk, can still be significant – and it can still be greatly affected by occurrences across the globe. Our latest podcast takes a look at the risks up and down the cannabis supply chain with guests Alen Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of MainStem, Matt Johnson, vice president of QuadScore Insurance Services, and Eric Schneider, managing director of sales for AlphaRoot.

This episode of the Insuring Cannabis Podcast is supported by CannGen Insurance Services, LLC.  Providing comprehensive insurance coverage for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry on a nationwide basis for all product lines.

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