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EP.38: There’s Opportunity, but Also Risk in Rare and Minor Cannabinoids

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There’s an alphabet soup of rare and minor cannabinoids – CBN, CBG, THCV, Delta-8 THC, CBC – that are kind of the lesser-known cousins of CBD and THC. They typically occur in smaller quantities, and though they may not be as plentiful or as well known, there is a growing amount of research that shows promising applications for them. While the upside is great, so might the risk be, including specialized manufacturing processes, with some of the products are already running afoul of state regulators. In this episode, we spoke to Matt Johnson, vice president of QuadScore Insurance Services, David Vaillencourt, CEO and founder of the GMP collective, and Jodi Green, an insurance coverage attorney with Miller Nash LLP, about this developing area of the cannabis sector.

This episode of the Insuring Cannabis Podcast is supported by CannGen Insurance Services, LLC.  Providing comprehensive insurance coverage for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry on a nationwide basis for all product lines.

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