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Helping Agents Over the Tech Hurdle

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It’s always great to catch up with insurance tech guru Steve Anderson. He dishes out some tough love to agency owners on this recording. In implementing new tech or workflow changes, he says, “We often hear, ‘My staff won’t do that.’ Okay, you’re leading your organization. Can you afford to wait?” Last year Steve and a group of state agent associations rolled out “Catalyit” to serve agents with technology decisions and change management. The help goes beyond information sharing to strategic help and implementation support. Steve also briefs us on his updated edition of The Bezos Letters, all about the growth of Amazon seen through the eyes of founder Jeff Bezos in his annual shareholder letter over the course of decades. Reading up on Bezos’ philosophy on embracing change should resonate with the insurance industry. Steve says: “The biggest risk that businesses face is not taking enough risk.”

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