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100% Committed to Remote Work

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During the worst of the pandemic, in late 2020, independent agency owner Spencer Houldin joined “On Point” to relay how his staff pivoted to working remote. “We had our best year ever, and we did it in our pajamas,” he said at the time. How has it all panned out since then for Spencer’s team? How about more record years! Office buildings were sold off. Staffers are happy, and they save a collective 91 hours a week by not commuting. Listen as Spencer outlines how culture drives decision-making at his agency. While every firm is different, and other owners may want people in the office, he says, “Be sure you go back for the right reasons. There is no turning back for us.” He also has an opinion about how people socialize in the office vs. on their own time. Spencer is former IIABA chair and recently received the highest award the national association confers – the Woodworth Memorial Award. You’ll enjoy Spencer’s insights.

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