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Nobody Cares About Your Business Card

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Do we really need to listen to another On Point episode with Dennis Moseley-Williams? Yes, we do. In fact, hear the other three recordings to prepare for this one. DMW is our guru, our guide, our sherpa on this journey of consulting for those who provide valuable financial and insurance advice. “Insurance just happens to be something you have in common with your clients,” he says. What else would or could we be doing to help our customers? A lot. “Sales isn’t enough; you have to change your role, and do more than your assigned work that’s on your business card. That’s all commoditized, and people don’t value that.” Clients are looking for and measuring value in different ways, he adds. “Client experience and client service are not the same things, and better client experience is your best marketing. To succeed you have to change the role you play in your clients’ lives.” That’s a sea change for risk managers and insurance providers. You’ll get thought-provoking, big ideas from this installment.

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