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Run Time: 31:22

AUDIO: With Roots in British Intelligence, InsurTech McKenzie Intelligence Services Now Offers Business Analysis for Insurers

McKenzie Intelligence Services, the London-based InsurTech company, uses advanced technologies, such as satellite imagery, artificial intelligence and drones to decrease times for claims analysis after natural catastrophes. In this podcast for Carrier Management, CEO Forbes McKenzie discusses his roots in British Intelligence and how he began using that expertise in the insurance industry in 2011, at the urging of a contact at Lloyd's of London who was seeking satellite analysis of energy platforms in Libya. That work has expanded to include natural catastrophes, pandemics and the development of non-damage business interruption cover based on parametric triggers. It's an exciting time to be an InsurTech because of the data analytics tools that are now available, says McKenzie, who also offers some sage advice for fledgling InsurTechs, in this interview conducted on Sept. 11, 2020.

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