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in On Point, Podcasts

Personal Vs. Corporate Brand: One and the Same?

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What does a firm do when its people (e.g. salespeople) have a giant personality out in the marketplace? When they can appear even larger than the corporate brand itself? Interesting question, and we found the right pro to address it. On this recording, management and design consultant Fiona Gray shares helpful ideas about personal vs. corporate brands. Perhaps instead of reigning in people, "maybe we look at the mother ship company and address its own brand for any deficiencies," she says. "Often there is something missing in the marketplaces about the brand." Listen as Fiona addresses when and how companies should consider a brand refresh, using core values in particular as a way to guide behavior of producers or field folks. "This is a great time to find out what you stand for," Fiona says. "Don't take your employees or customers for granted. You want to continue to be moving forward and being relevant." Bonus: You'll love Fiona's accent - the King's English!

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