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Increasing Diversity All About Dollars… And Sense

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George Woods, a senior exec with Guy Carpenter, is an intriguing guest. He's knowledgeable about insurance technology advances. You'll hear about those on this recording. And he's thoughtful about ways to increase diversity and inclusion in the industry. Making sure D&I initiatives permeate the organization requires that part of managers' compensation be linked to their effectiveness with these initiatives, George says. He takes a broad view: "Diversity isn't just gender and ethnicity and race. It could be age or education. Ivy League vs. a state school. Someone who grew up in a rural versus urban environment. A creative versus analytical mind. Left brain or right brain. There are so many things that come into play." Pay equity is an issue too, he adds. "Look at your organization and how you're presently recruiting. How do you change that? And once you recruit the talent, who do you see getting promoted most of the time?" You'll enjoy this discussion with a passionate industry insider.

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