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Why & How Some Agencies Grow Faster

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If you're the owner of a retail agency, or if you're tasked with customer and prospect marketing in the agency, you will want to hear this recording. Safeco's Chuck Blondino is obsessed with tracking data demonstrating how some firms grow more profitably than others. Some excerpts: Top-performing agencies hire a staff marketer, rather than leave marketing to chance. The owners act like CEOs rather than salespeople or sales managers. They are relentlessly cross-selling and seeking referrals. They build trust around product, experience and social cause. While he's obviously a company guy at Safeco, Chuck spends his time counseling agencies. "My focus is constantly on helping independent agents grow, getting beyond the mindset of a producer owning an agency and becoming a CEO of the agency. I get really wound up around agency growth and the opportunity to do more, be more, help more in the community, and offer more opportunities to local folks for careers." Chuck's passion is contagious, so don't miss this episode!

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