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Impact of Artificial Intelligence “Massive”

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The insurance industry's recent rounds of rules-based automation pales in comparison to the "massive shift" to insurance work offered by artificial intelligence, says Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer of global consulting firm Genpact. With AI, he says, "I don't program the computer. I show it the problem, and you, the computer, find out how to program yourself." In this fast-paced podcast, Sanjay urges the industry to apply AI learnings, tenets and capabilities and automate "that last mile to take it to the workforce." The evolution of AI first in language, and then conversation (e.g. intent analysis). Next will be expanded use of sight (e.g. photos and video); and, finally knowledge, offering major opportunities in areas such as FNOL and claims handling. "How do we capture all of the knowledge that insurance adjusters have today?" Sanjay asks. He also offers some other key insurance trends for 2019 in this recording.

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