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EP. 67: Insuring the Future: How Gen Z Digital Natives Are Transforming Insurance

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According to a PwC report, recent studies project that Gen Z and millennials currently make up approximately 38% of the global workforce and this percentage will rise to about 58% by 2030. But how prepared is the insurance industry to cater to the needs of younger generations? On this quarterly InsurTech update episode, Bobbie Collies, chief growth officer at Coterie Insurance, discusses how Coterie uses tech and data driven business strategies to appeal to new talent and what up and coming insurance buyers are looking for in an insurance provider. Later in the episode, Effi Fuks Leichtag, chief product officer at NEXT Insurance, spoke about how social media can be a benefit to insurers looking to engage younger generations of buyers and how NEXT uses its social media platforms to create personal connections with its consumers. Thanks for listening!

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