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“Intrapreneur” Shares Her Insight

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 Insurance marketers, you’ll love hearing from Fortegra CMO Holly Bohn Pittman. She brought her consumer-marketing chops to this specialty carrier a couple of years ago, and shares thoughts on how she applies that to insurance B2B marketing. “Yes, we market to companies,” she says, “but it’s always people who make the decisions. If you understand people in the decision-making process and you have a quality product or service, marketing is easy.” Pay close attention to the “who,” Holly says. “If marketers “try to be everything to everyone, we usually fail. How can you whittle down the story? Strip back all the distractions and get laser focused on what you are doing as a company.” She encourages marketers to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to their firms — in doing so you’ll allow “intrapreneurs” to challenge the status quo. Hear why Holly won the 2022 Trailblazer Award from the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association (IMCA).

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