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Bilingual Marketing ‘Not an Option Anymore’ 🌐

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Independent agency owner Tiago Prado might challenge your thinking, because he is challenging the industry’s status quo. 🤔💡 Listen as he unpacks a fascinating yet traumatic family story from his upbringing in Brazil, to dealing with gangs near Boston, to a winding journey through school and construction work. 🇧🇷 🏫 The struggle was worth it, Tiago says. He outlines how agency physical stores with longer day, evening and Saturday hours as well as 24/7 online multilingual service are keys for underserved prospects and policyholders. The strong growth of bilingual consumers and businessowners in America present an excellent opportunity. And Tiago’s firm BRZ Insurance is going after it. Tiago and his 152 associates—with an average age of 25 years—are building for the future with multiple retail offices, AI-supported service tools, sophisticated marketing, and multiple languages to meet customers where they are. “Bilingual marketing today is not an option anymore. It’s mandatory.”

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