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“I’d Love to See My Daughters in Insurance”

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We were impressed by a presentation by American Family’s Brian Jones at the 2022 Insurance Marketing & Communications Association conference. Brian has been involved with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives his entire career. DEI isn’t a simple process, he admits. “If we want different backgrounds to come into our organizations, we have to be intentional about building a more diverse pipeline. Elbow grease is required.” Brian recommends “actively seeking referrals from people already here who are under-represented at the organization. See where they’re hanging out. Add different pipelines. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Developing those DEI skills is like any other skill you have to develop.” How will we know if DEI in the insurance industry has been successful? “We will know,” Brian says. “This is an industry that evolves with the times. Like with technology, with changing demographics and the mindset of the world, we have to continue to grow if we’re going to stay alive.” In the end, he says, “I would love to see my daughters get into insurance.”

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