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People First. Titles Second

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Would you hire a bright talent without having a specific job opening for them? Errica Rivera was on the receiving end of that offer years ago by a smart executive at Nationwide, and the rest is history. Today Errica is making the insurance industry a better place as she runs culture and inclusion for State Auto, recently acquired by Liberty Mutual. She offers advice for insurance organizations: “Who is passionate about DEI? Get people actively involved in the conversation and the work. It can’t just be HR. Hold each other accountable. If you see me slipping up, call me on the carpet. Stop doing the same thing over and over.” She adds, “Don’t get overly sensitive with you don’t get things right… Like, ‘Do I say Black or African American?’ It’s like going to a fancy restaurant. You don’t not eat because you’re not using the right fork. Don’t shut down DEI because we don’t get it right the first time.”  Listen as Errica outlines her experiences and successes, including an “insurance industry fashion show” for recruiting new talent. “Don’t just show up at career fairs and expect people to rush to you. Think beyond the career fair table.”

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