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EP. 37: Gram Shop Law is One of the More Interesting Among Far-Out Patchwork of State Regs

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Ever heard of a gram shop law? It’s a thing, and if you’re an insurance broker in Michigan focused on the cannabis space, then you and your clients are well aware of the term. The law, signed by the state’s governor over the summer, is similar to long-established dram shop laws for businesses that serve or sell liquor. It’s one of many interesting regulations in states around the country that make life quite interesting for insurance professionals and their cannabis clients. In this episode, we spoke to Erich Schutz and Lee Woodruff​ with Jencap Specialty Insurance Services, and Chris Martin with Veracity Insurance Solutions, about some far-out state regulations and how they impact insurance professionals.

This episode of the Insuring Cannabis Podcast is supported by CannGen Insurance Services, LLC.  Providing comprehensive insurance coverage for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry on a nationwide basis for all product lines.

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