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User Experience Simplified

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Just as highway traffic will slow down when the road signs are complicated, consumers navigating apps and websites often will give up when they're presented with too many instructions and words. Less can be more, according to Allstate's user experience content lead, Clifton Simmons, who led a spirited conversation at the 2019 Insurance Marketing Communications Association (IMCA) Conference. On this podcast Clif reprises some key points from that talk, including an overview of how his team dramatically increased usage of the Allstate claims app. Claims reported via the app went from 3,400 to 70,000 per month when Allstate added live chat and removed "the sea of words we were throwing at them." Claimants trying to deal with fixing their cars "need baby steps," Clif says. "If you give them too much at once, it becomes noise. It leads to confusion."

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