Run Time: 25:42
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Breaking Down Silos to Innovate

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You'll enjoy this recording with Rooney Gleason, president and head of digital business development at Argo Insurance. He outlines how technology is bridging the gap between developers, business leaders and underwriters. "Our most successful product development on the digital side has come when all the different parts of the organization are included in the conversation from the beginning," Rooney says. "There are so many nuances, like compliance, that come into play." He describes taking down cubicles and silos to push teams together to innovate. It's what people want anyway, he says. "Our millennial developers - the kids, I call them - boy are they smart and boy do they hate being slowed down by internal politics and regulatory constraints." As a specialty writer on multiple distribution platforms - sans direct - Rooney also offers his observations on carrier positioning.

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