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Finding an Alternative to ‘Obsolete Apps’

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If you're hitching your insuretech offerings exclusively to a smart phone app, there is danger ahead, argues entrepreneur Snejina Zacharia. She is founder and CEO of Insurify, a virtual insurance agency that provides comparison shopping for personal lines. In this entertaining podcast, part of a continuing series featuring insuretech commentary, Snejina says, "Apps are obsolete. The way to survive in a mobile-type environment is to get involved in a platform or become a platform yourself." She notes that 89% of people spend their time on just five phone apps. "If you're aligned with Facebook or WhatsApp, then you have a better chance of survival." Snejina's advice to agents and brokers: Develop your customer-acquisition skills in a mobile and online-first experience. Get customers on different channels. And partner with platforms "that build the absolutely best customer experience."

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