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Check out Insuring Cannabis Claims: A Look at Trends, Surprises & Concerns

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🌱 Join Insurance Journal and Don Jergler as he moderates a webinar featuring four leading experts delving into the cannabis insurance claims landscape, covering dispensary claims, product liability issues, lawsuits, coverage disputes, and more.

🆕 It will include industry experts: Charles V. Pyfrom, CMO at CannGen Insurance Services, Erich Schutz, VP & Cannabis Practice Leader at Jencap Specialty Insurance Services, Kieran J. O’Rourke Director of Underwriting at Cannasure Insurance Services LLC, and Michael Hall, VP & Cannabis Department Manager for Golden Bear Insurance Co.

Main Points in this webinar:

  1. Dispensary Claims: Expert insights into the unique challenges and trends surrounding insurance claims within cannabis dispensaries, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

  2. Product Liability: Examination of the evolving landscape of product liability issues in the cannabis industry, with a focus on best practices for insurers and businesses to navigate potential risks and claims.

  3. Legal Landscape: Insights into recent lawsuits and coverage disputes within the cannabis insurance sector, along with proactive measures to address legal challenges and ensure comprehensive coverage for industry stakeholders.

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