Run Time: 42:16
in On Point, Podcasts

Never Too Late to Pivot

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On this installment, Meg McKeen opens up on why and how we owe it to our well-being to question the status quo of our individual career situation. And she’s a living case study. Meg worked for two decades in insurance underwriting and sales, had an epiphany, and left for a break that led to a consultancy. “I had built skills that didn’t translate into anything other than insurance,” she says. “I found myself in the weeds. I was dealing with accounting discrepancies, commission reconciliations, people not paying bills, and bully board members trying to school me on insurance after I had 20 years in the business. I was empowered but not feeling powerful. I felt I was playing small in that moment. I felt that if I blinked, 10 more years would go by and I’d be in the same place. People who have made a career in insurance deserve a better experience.” Meg’s mission is to help managers learn how to create that experience. You’ll enjoy listening to these insightful and expressive words.

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