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‘Insurance Is Not Catching Up’

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Why does insurance profitability lack other industries? Technology is supposed to save time, not take our time. Alas, with each new tool we add more manual workflows, data entry, and opportunity for user error. Kabir Syed is a fascinating listen. He’s a veteran insuretech executive whose latest gig is CEO and founder of Ennabl, which provides data and insights as services to brokers and agents. On this podcast he outlines the major issue with tools such as customer relationship management, which actually steal time from valuable sales efforts. Kabir discusses how artificial intelligence is about to rock the insurance world; the potential future of independent agents and brokers; and how to build a strong corporate culture in a dispersed, remote workplace. In the next 10 years, he says, “You will need your data structured and accessible. And your AI tools will require clean data for you to literally be in business.”

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