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As Workers Evolve, So Must Workplace

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Author and speaker Kim Clark joins On Point to outline how insurance marketing professionals can understand and apply diversity, equity and inclusion messaging to their work. “This is the next transformation of our businesses. We have to evolve,” Kim says. “We have to understand where the generations are going, where customers are going. There is an expectation by consumers that organizations need to align to their values.” That goes for employees, too: “Many are specifically looking for alignment of values. What is on display in the window has to be in the store when you walk in.” It starts with leadership. “Leaders haven’t gotten to where they are at by being awesome at DEI,” Kim acknowledges. “A lot of leaders are out of their wheelhouse with this. They just need the data and they need to be coachable. Employee resource groups know what to do, but they don’t have agency or budget. Whereas leaders don’t know what to do, but they do have budget. What a perfect scenario to bring them together.” Kim offers a number of practical ideas and a framework for modernizing communications to highlight the business and emotional underpinning of a diverse workforce.

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