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Crisis? What Crisis?

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No organization wants bad things to happen — man-made or natural. Disastrous office fires, high-profile lawsuits, executives who die on the job, embezzlements, etc. Yet, a crisis is something to prepare for now, because they will happen eventually. Former broadcast journalist and media consultant Andy Likes walks us through crisis communications planning. Budgeting, timing and training are all key to getting past a situation faster. Who is on the crisis team? What are the questions we’ll get asked? And 90% of them can be answered in advance, Andy says. “Don’t think just like the C suite; think like your audience. Put on your general public hat. What do your policyholders need to hear?” Releasing bad news as soon as possible will kill ongoing media interest, Andy says. Listen to this step-by-step process, plan ahead, and get your organization prepared.

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