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On-Demand Video: Between the Lines EP. 3 – The Evolving Role of the Underwriter

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Between the Lines is a new video series where we take a quarterly look at Carrier Management magazine, with interviews, commentary and in-depth analysis of the stories featured in the latest issue.

Technology advancements, changing climate risk, growing cyber threats, and new generations of insurance consumers mean that underwriters today have a lot to keep up with. In this episode of Between the Lines, experts will discuss how underwriting needs to evolve with this ever-changing landscape.

What you will learn:

-why underwriting is becoming more specialized
-how the search for underwriting talent is changing
-the ways behavioral science is benefitting underwriters
-where tech advancements are taking the industry
-what can be done to assess changing climate risk

To watch on-demand, visit In this Episode: The Evolving Role of the Underwriter on Carriermanagement.com

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