Run Time: 34:51
in On Point, Podcasts

“Unicorns” Put Priority on Community Service

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You’ll enjoy this recording with husband-and-wife team Gertha (“Gigi”) and Ebens (“Benz”) Jean, Delaware independent agents of Haitian decent. They stress community first, helping those in need and seeking help for emerging businessowners. And they bring a unique brand of excitement to the insurance industry, especially as a place to work. “To attract more young people,” says Gigi, “you have to be visible. And be real with them. There are very few minority agency owners, so we’re like unicorns. We want to show more young people there is more to the industry than selling policies or knocking on doors. You can be a producer, an adjuster, claims handler. This is an amazing industry. And it’s a wealthy industry; you can make good money.” The agency staff speaks multiple languages. Gigi and Benz use social media, including TikTok, to share stories of their travels to conferences and at local community service projects. “We are doing crazy dances,” says Benz, who is a part-time DJ. “This is fun!”

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