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Can We Trust the Media?

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This “On Point” episode is unusual. We’re worried about the state of our country’s media and what is considered “news” these days. Are you as well? The term “reportedly” refers to copying other reports; what has happened to original reporting? Where are the working journalists? Why are newspapers increasingly irrelevant? Does anyone trust the media? And does it matter if we don’t? Helping us with a unique perspective on these questions is Chris Core, a long-time American radio and TV personality, formerly with Washington DC-based WMAL and WTOP — news and talk radio stations. He says the rise of “opinion news” started in 1988 when Rush Limbaugh took to syndicated radio airwaves. “Some people complained he was biased, and yet he got great ratings,” Chris says. One pet peeve for Chris: The dearth of logical follow-up questions of politicians.

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