Run Time: 40:24
in On Point, Podcasts

DEI: “Be Willing to Try New Things”

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Church Mutual is lucky to have John Tribble. The carrier that “serves those who serves others” got way ahead of the 2020 social unrest when it launched a diversity initiative with John in 2017. Looking in new places to recruit is key, John says. “We have to be more deliberate in talent acquisition. View people as they are. If they bring a certain different skill set, that skill set is valuable. Some of the most notable achievements or breakthroughs came from people who didn’t necessarily finish college. A degree is important, but hone in on what we need as a company to succeed. We need to allow them to feel comfortable and not be under a microscope, or another company or industry will take them. And we’ll be the losers.” Listen as John outlines how he mentors young talent, as he himself was mentored back in the early 1990s as an unpaid intern. You’ll appreciate John’s enthusiasm for the insurance industry as a fantastic place to work!

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