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Futurist Sees a New Insurance Industry

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Listen in on our annual chat with leading futurologist and strategic thinker David Smith. Once again, he doesn’t disappoint with his perspectives on what to expect. David believes the future holds more, not less, importance for agents and brokers to create relevant, meaningful relationships with clients. Why? The very nature of the insurance industry will evolve to help prevent losses rather than reimburse after the fact, he says. Technology is “an earth-shatteringly different” enabler of this new world. “If you focus on the client in terms of their world, you can help them be more successful, and technology can do the rest. You’ll be increasingly knowledgeable and valuable to the client. Maybe it’s not always about an insurance product, or at least not one we know of today.” Technology too will be inserted in our longer-living bodies, cleaning out our arteries as we go about our lives, he says. You’ll love this episode!

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