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“Sponsoring” Future Insurance Workers

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What can the insurance industry learn from Bermuda, an island of 24 square miles and 60,000 people? A lot, says Argo’s Bill Wharton. He’s a resident expert on growing diversity in the Bermuda market. “Through the efforts of many, things have improved greatly,” he says. “It’s not a written book yet. There are many chapters to go.” Each week, Bill takes young people for one-on-one “coffee and conversation.” Most are about to graduate from college or have some schooling and want to learn how to position themselves for insurance work. “I take it as part of my role as a leader in the industry to have direct contact with them,” Bill says. “I sit with them and answer their questions directly. But I also follow up with them. I say, ‘Let’s build a plan. Here are two or three people to talk with to get their perspective.’ I want them to be successful in not just getting a job but retaining their job and growing in their careers.” Bill calls it “sponsorship” — who will be your champion even when you’re not in the room?

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