Run Time: 27:19
in On Point, Podcasts

Change Is Your Friend

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Visiting with agency tech executive Joyce Sigler is akin to a yoga session with a mensch and a sherpa. She will stretch your mind, provide sound advice, and point the way on how to change. You’ll enjoy this recording with Joyce, who is AVP of Acquisitions and Technology at SeibertKeck Insurance Partners in Akron, Ohio. While “it’s really a good thing to change,” she says, “we make a mountain out of things we don’t understand.” Instead: “Try to open up and… get comfortable with even the smallest nugget of change. Find the power in that. Embrace one piece of change… Allow yourself to grow and not be left behind, where in five years you find yourself not able to compete.” Joyce also chairs the Network of Vertafore Users, or NetVU, and is seeking to provide a fresh voice for more members of the association.

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