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Leaders Challenged to ‘Reinvent’ the Workplace

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In this episode we stop by to chat with our friend, Rick Morgan, who leads marketing at Work at Home Vintage Experts. WAHVE places qualified, remote insurance talent at carriers, MGAs, brokers and agencies. For most of its 12 years, WAHVE itself has been a remote company. “People are escaping high-density areas; they’re tired of commutes, tired of crime,” Rick says. “Back before the pandemic, we heard people say, ‘People working from home is ridiculous. They can’t be good team members. It’ll never work.’ Well, we know it can work. They can be valuable team members just as anyone in the office.” But how can leaders manage a hybrid workforce? How do you know who should be back in the office? What’s the purpose of having everyone come in once a week? What sort of work should get done in the office? Rick provides thoughtful insight to these and related questions. To leadership, he says, it’s a chance to “reinvent yourselves” as a firm.

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