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Agency Data is Money!

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What’s the meaning of all that customer data in your agency technology system? It just sits there, right? No! We should turn that data into knowledge and wisdom. And if you want to hear data and passion in the same sentence, you came to the right podcast. Sydney Roe, who recently took an executive position with Vertafore, the agency management system provider, seeks a better insurance industry. Insurance professionals should turn massive customer data repositories into meaningful, relevant ways to serve consumers and business partners, she says. “Data is an asset unto itself. It can bring in extra revenue. It can create partnerships between carriers and agents. It can shape the industry.” You’ll enjoy listening to Syd, a self-described “Networking Ninja. Relentless Brainstormer. Self-Sufficient Collaborator. Entrepreneurial Geek.” She’s an industry star already beyond her 32 years. Go Syd!

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