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Wanted: Cyber Clarity

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The insurance industry simply must do a better job of understanding, articulating, underwriting and minimizing cyber threats to its own operations and those of the businesses it insures. And Bill Haber, founder of insuretech TEKRiSQ, does not mince words on this recording. Listen as Bill outlines the state of affairs, with many agents, brokers and carriers blindly ignoring or “managing” cyber threats or using coverage apps that don’t capture accurate or relevant information. “This should be a proactive process, not reactive,” Bill says. “The underwriting process needs to change – the application process is long.” He offers advice for all players. In today’s confusing cyber security environment, Bill wants simplify the jobs of insurance professionals while at the same time enhancing protection for insureds. “Trying to educate brokers to become cyber security experts is problematic. That’s a big ask.”

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