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“Butts in the Seats” Not a Good Work Model

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It’s time for insurance organizations to get creative with hiring and keeping talent, according to our resident HR expert Claudia St. John, who consults with the Big ‘I’ and multiple trade associations. What doesn’t work? “Presenteeism,” Claudia says. This is a new form of bias in the workplace where “people who show up with a butt in the seat and are on camera all day are deemed as working harder than people working quietly at home,” she explains. That’s a “lazy form of leadership,” she notes. Employers are getting squeezed by a tight labor market and rising compensation. “You’re competing not just for local talent, but from talent across the country. Labor is hard to find, and when you find it, it’s expensive. Be sure you don’t lose talent because of poor comp structures.” Ultimately, though, employers won’t ever “win the wage war,” Claudia says. “They can beat you in the wage game, but they can’t beat you in the culture war.” Perhaps young talent wants to lease a cool car, get pet insurance, or maybe have different hours, Claudia says. “People will take almost a 25% pay cut to have more time off.”

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