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Seeing Through Clouds: CM Roundtable Highlights

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The variety of participants taking part in Carrier Management’s Roundtable on Geospatial Information Systems—including an analyst, a commercial insurance pricing specialist, a scientist, an MGA and a reinsurer—illustrate the degree of coordination that the industry will need to make the best use of GIS information. CB Insights Analyst Mike Fitzgerald, who conceived of the Roundtable and moderated the panel, offers that key takeaway and provides an analogy to the workings of commercial kitchens to give a sense of the partnerships that will be needed to weave the science, technology and data insights into carrier and reinsurer business models. During the Roundtable, Fitzgerald and the participants spoke at length about the challenges of interpreting and making sense of data, allowing complex themes to be analyzed and communicated.
Fitzgerald is the guest editor of a special feature of Carrier Management focused on Geospatial Information Systems, which includes a series of articles in the fourth-quarter magazine and a video Roundtable, “Seeing Through the Clouds: Satellites In Insurance.”

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