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Work Experience Is Evolving

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Continuing our series on the status of employment brands - and work itself - we tee up some research with Kate Muth, head of strategy at Cake & Arrow, which focuses on insurance customer experience design. Among the myths Kate refutes include the idea that gig workers are millennials or platform workers; that they value flexibility over stability; or that they don't want insurance. For many, gig work wasn't necessarily a choice: Some 55 million gig jobs were created during the pandemic. In a broader work sense, power has shifted from bosses to workers, Kate says. We are moving away from fear-based "I'm not going to the office" to "How do I want to live my life," she says. "Where are those boundaries between lifestyle and work? People are asking, 'What is my time like when I'm in charge?'" Open your mind to some new thinking about work on this enlightening podcast.

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