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Insurance “Intelligent Era” Looms, Futurist Says

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One-third of insurance executives are worried that digital trends will leave them in a weaker position - or even cease to exist, according to research by futurist David Smith, CEO of London-based Global Futures and Foresight. And 75% believe that insurance industry boundaries will dramatically blur due to new technologies, such as the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, many younger consumers look at the category differently - they're willing to try new insurance providers and they're not even sure the product is essential. Providers need to be ready, David says. "We are exiting the digital age," he says. "We understand these tools that process. The 'Intelligence Era' is analyzing all of that and knowing when and how to talk with people. The smart world is upon us - in cities, business and in all aspects of our lives." Listen as David makes the case for why we need to manage the "the third horizon" - bridging to the long-term future from our situation today and the near future.

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