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Shop Online? And Buy Online?

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When it comes to insurance, the answer is often "no," says Jeff Bair, who heads independent agency marketing at Foremost. On this research-packed episode, Jeff outlines the continuing importance of the human factor in insurance sales. Amazon's "add to cart" mantra has altered consumer behavior forever. But this category is different. Smart agents keep the lines of human communication open while offering a delicate balance of specific self-service options. Jeff describes these, and concludes: "Is there a fire of urgency in the house to rapidly provide digital services? I don't think so, but you can definitely hear sirens in the distance. If you're not designing your agency's customer experience already, you should start. Look for areas where you can make the customer experience frictionless. Where can you use existing technologies, services from your carriers to make things as easy as possible for them, improving the experience and eliciting a positive emotion." Each agency must design its own digital customer experience, he notes.

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