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Travelers’ Drone Program Changes the Way Its Claims Reps Do Business

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Travelers' Claim University, opened in 2007, is teaching claims professionals to use drones to assist in claims analysis through its hands-on training classes.

The nearly 200,000-square foot facility in Windsor, Conn., offers technical training and leadership development to more than 11,000 claims employees, and through its drone training courses, it has already trained nearly 150 drone operators. It expects to train several hundred more by the end of the summer.

The Claim University training facility contains automobiles and heavy-equipment such as cranes, backhoes and bulldozers, as well as two fully-furnished homes, building mechanical systems and a medical lab, according to Travelers' website. These resources teach claims professionals how to efficiently identify damage and accurately estimate the cost of repairs, the website states.

The drone classes allow claims professionals to access hands-on training in which students learn how to operate drones, as well as take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam in order to become certified to fly drones. The drones are able to improve safety and efficiency by mitigating the use of a third-party to inspect roof damage. Instead, drones can survey roof damage in real-time, and photos or videos can be sent to claims professionals' phones, tablets or other electronic devices to assist in the claims process.

Patrick Gee, senior vice president of auto, property and catastrophe claims at Travelers, recently spoke with Insurance Journal's Elizabeth Blosfield about how the drone training program at Claim University works and what he expects for the future of drones and the insurance industry.

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