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Industry Icon Reflects on DC’s Challenges

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Bob Rusbuldt, long-serving CEO of the Big “I,” is retiring in 2023. Starting on The Hill as a lobbyist, Bob later oversaw the development of many initiatives at the national association, including the Trusted Choice consumer brand, a bank for agents called InsurBanc, expanded insurance policies for agents, and more. As for national politics, what’s it like to have lived most of your life in DC? “It’s been a blessing and a curse to have been on the inside,” says Bob. Today, he adds, “I’ve never seen Washington more partisan in my 40+ years in this town. Interestingly, the GOP is more divided on tactics and process, and the Democrats more divided on policy. Republicans agree on most policy issues.” Bob laments that “society has become more dependent on the federal government. It’s more like the European model. There are not very many true-blue independent thinkers left. We’re moving more to socialization — we haven’t seen that since the 1930s with Marxism.”

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