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The Power of Periodization

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In sales, every day counts - and every week counts. We all know this, yet we're not always focused on it. In fact, most of us fall into the trap of "annualized" thinking ... the unspoken belief that there's plenty of time in a year to make things happen.

Ken Branch and his team at Encompass Insurance have broken through this trap. Earlier this year they implemented "Periodization", a business process that applies sales execution in the context of a 12-week year - each day is a week, each week is a month, and every 12 weeks is a year. And it's working.

In this podcast, Branch talks with Brian Moran, the creator of The 12 Week YearTM about how periodization can help YOUR team focus on the critical things that drive production. It will help you clarify business objectives, set personal goals - and focus on delivering them. Best of all, it's free.
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