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New Texas General Agency Helps Retail Agents Tap Hispanic Market

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Tony Gonzalez has 30 years of experience in the company side of the independent agency channel of the property/ casualty insurance business, serving in various leadership roles at companies including Safeco and the Republic Group. His expertise extends from marketing to sales to commercial underwriting and more, but recently he's undertaken another challenge -- a start up enterprise. Inspired in part by the 2010 census that shows a dramatic growth in the Hispanic population throughout Texas and the United States, Gonzalez has created Dallas-based Hispanic Affiliates General Agency (HAGA), with the intention of providing Hispanic retail agents with products and services, and access to admitted insurance markets, with which they in turn can serve their Hispanic customers. While the 2010 census had some bearing on Gonzalez decision to launch his company this year, in an interview with Insurance Journal he explained that the idea and plans for its implementation have been on the drawing board for some time.

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