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The Definition of Retirement Has Changed

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"On Point, with Peter van Aartrijk and Rick Morgan" is an audio conversation with insurance industry leaders who champion change and challenge all of us to think.

Sharon Emek, President and CEO of WAHVE.

Listen to Sharon as she shares her vision for this new company with Rick and Peter.

The definition of retirement has changed. Consider two trends:

1) People who are "retired" from the insurance industry in the traditional sense (no longer going to an agency or a carrier to work in a management or professional position) still want to work, but under different working arrangements.

2) Those who are hiring in our industry now consider "retirees" as a prime market to fulfill their demand for a quality workforce for their businesses.

Matching up vintage workers (those people who have left the traditional workforce but want to work from their homes) with hiring managers is what this innovative new company is all about. The acronym "WAHVE" reflects the focus in placing "Work-At-Home Vintage Employees" with insurance organizations such as independent agencies.

As an insurance producer, I came to learn how vital agency staff people are to selling and servicing insurance clients. As an agency principal, I came to appreciate how precious quality performers are to running an insurance agency. Now, as the founder and CEO of WAHVE, I'm pleased that we can offer employees and principals the only remote domestic staffing option for insurance agents and brokers. - Sharon Emek

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