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Wrong Direction

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If you were to select candidates for a modern man for all seasons, Michael Mainelli would certainly be on the short list. He has been directly involved in how the international business community operates and how it has evolved. His business accomplishments range widely, including computer graphics, which led him into starting companies in seismology, cartography, and energy information. He also created a multi-million dollar oil industry consortium, which culminated in the development of a complete digital map of the world. In 1994, he co-founded a company for research called Z/Yen, London's leading commercial think-tank, dedicated to promoting societal advance through better finance and technology. Recently, Insurance Journal's Charles Boyle caught up with Mainelli at the European Insurance Forum in Dublin. In this interview, he discusses his observations on the global financial centers in general, and why he sees the United States and the City of London going ... not really in the right direction.

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