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Sponsored: How Esurance Increased Online Inquiries and Reduced Abandonment with No Upfront Investment

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Esurance saw a market opportunity in helping people buy competitively priced auto insurance over the Web. The real key was making it truly simple - and comfortable - for customers to buy this complicated product online. Esurance wanted to provide 24/7 customer care with a clearly measurable business value, without investing in serious infrastructure changes. With Click to Call, Esurance lets online customers click on a button to request an immediate phone call from a licensed insurance counselor. Almost instantly, the phone rings and it's the agent calling to help the customer through the quote and purchase process without the hassle of IVR. This human connection during a complex sale has caused conversion rates to soar and fewer people were abandoning the site because they were getting the help they needed.

Join this webinar to hear how Esurance has transformed an online idea into an expanding business with a reputation for a growing portfolio of products and loyal, high-value customers.

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