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Sponsored: Evaluating True Value vs Hype in B2B Media

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In this economy more than ever, evaluating media before you buy it is imperative to your business success. It's intriguing when a rep tells you: "I'll put your banner on our home page for a year!" Or they might say "I'll email your ad to 300,000 people for $500 bucks". How about this one: "You can have a half price ad in the magazine every month!" Sound good? Maybe. Maybe not. This free webcast will arm you with the knowledge to differentiate opportunity from diversion. You'll also learn:

1. The top questions to ask when buying advertising.
2. Which media options are actually detrimental to you in the long run.
3. Which new media options are smoking hot.
4. The types of metrics a publisher should be able to provide.
5. When to run away.
6. The top mistakes a media buyer makes.

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