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It’s Not Where We Work; It’s How

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When the pandemic ends, will insurance agency owners and employees en masse return to the office? Some will. Some won't, says Michael Howe, Applied's EVP of product management. Regardless, he says, the "inalienable" piece is the agent and the client relationship. "The core offering of an agent is not going away. We need to make sure agents have the tools they need to maintain and add value to those relationships." With the shock of Covid came an opportunity for agents to evolve and build a stronger business using technology for sales and service, Michael says. A "silver lining" in remote work is that more agents see the value of day-to-day, cloud-based tools. "It's less important whether they're sitting in an office," he says. "It's about how they run their firm." Listen as Michael provides an outlook for evolving insurance technology based on consumer preferences.

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