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“Things Were Going Great!”

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Agents and brokers posted a record-setting start to 2020 in organic revenue growth. Even the second quarter should be decent. But the next four or five quarters Q3 will look different, says Harrison Brooks with Reagan Consulting. The pandemic will further the divide between well-run and weaker firms, he says, noting that 2020 will be "the big separator." Employee benefits has been the first line of business to be hit hard by the crisis, he says. As the sales pipeline has changed dramatically, smart agencies have adapted with technology and workflows. M&A activity has slowed down, but there is still plenty of investor capital available for well-run firms. "We have seen values are still there, at the same levels they've been, but buyers are going to take a harder look at the books of business and do even more due diligence," Harrison says. This data-packed recording will update you on how agents and brokers will perform in the next 12 years.

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