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Run Time: 33:51
in On Point, Podcasts

Nurturing Culture in a Pandemic

What can leaders of insurance organizations do to maintain their corporate cultures in the middle of a pandemic? Zoom video calls aren't enough. When you keep your people focused on mission, vision and core values, it gives them a sense of purpose in times of stress, says brand and culture consultant Tony Wessling with Chromium Group. A vision statement - why you exist as a firm - provides clarity for work lives that spills over and impacts personal lives. "People are feeling unsure," Tony says, "so this is where insurance brands really find their purpose - in vision. What are you really working for? What are our clients going through, and how can we help?" The other element is how you do what you do - found in your core values. Tony recommends one-on-one telephone calls and small-group chats. Insurance executives will hear plenty of actionable information on this recording.

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